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by Joe Foster, Guy Behind The Guy Behind The Guy

Online Chat Metrics

Click to Chat features a variety of reports on the performance of chatters and chat operators. Under "Reporting", and in the "Chats" folder, you'll find your reporting.

First, you'll want to set your date range. Here, I've set it for last month.

Now we can look at some of our options:

Let's look at those relevant to a leasing office.

    Chronological list of all chats in your date range.

    A ranking of response time by chat operators.

    An hour-by-hour break down of when chats happen most frequently. Great for scheduling.

Chat Logs

On the lower right of the general tab, you'll find a log of every chat session, going back as far as you've been using C2C.

This allows you to pull up, export, or print any chat, organized by day.

This concludes our Deep Dive in to Click to Chat, but i'll be back next month(/week) for a new round of it. I'm glad to be back.

by Joe Foster & Kenneth Lewis
by Joe Foster, Trainer Emeritus.

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you

Without a dope beat to step to

-Timbaland, "Try Again"

....And I'm Back! I'm very excited to be returning to blogging at the Training Center. I'll be kicking things off by taking a Deep Dive into Click to Chat, the website chat/inter-office IM/real-time traffic monitoring tool.


Before diving deep, we need to make sure you can doggy-paddle. Follow the instructions and/or employ the help of our training department. Click to Chat is unique amongst the Ellipse Symphony in that requires the installation of a dedicated desktop app. You're installed, you're live, you're poppin': now what?

Enter the Options

Click to Chat Options can be found in the gear icon next to the printer, or under ‘Options/ProVistaSolutions Options'

We'll look at 6 of the Options tabs to see what they're capable of.

  • General: The login information used to connect C2C to your website, and your display name.
  • Options: Customize your automated status updates and general preferences.
  • Message Text: Revise and Review your default messages.
  • Popups: Control and test the style and sound of popups.
  • Spelling: Spellcheck Options
  • Canned Responses: Creating pregenerated responses to frequently asked questions.
  • CRM Integration: Integrate your SalesForce with C2C

3 Things To Do In Your Options Right Now

  1. Under "Popups", uncheck the first two boxes and check the final box to look like this:

    Click to Chat's website monitoring features will by default notify you when any new visitor comes to the website, as well as inundate you with notifications that have no utility to a leasing office. Conversely, chat request notification popups only persist for about 5 seconds by default. I need 6.
  2. Turn Spellcheck On.

    'As You Type' will give you the red squiggle-line under your last line if it's not spelled properly, in addition to running a check on every message before you send it.
  3. Canned Responses:

    Murphy's Law dictates that visitors to the website who start online chats will ask you the same sorts of questions that are often addressed on the website itself. Parking Passes, Pet Policies, Amenities--you name it. Writing up a boilerplate response in anticipation of these occurrences will save you time. Then, you can employ them in chats any time you need them.

This is just a taste of what you're able to make C2C do: next week, we'll look at in-office instant messaging.


Administration holds the key to unlock each access level and section that is permissible. See how it works so you can use it to your absolute advantage.

The Administration section, located on the Corporate Dashboard, has two areas: Your Info and Find Users. First and foremost, your Info is where you may go to edit your own login credentials. Don't forget that if you make any changes on this page to select Save All Changes on the right hand side of the screen!

The Find Users section will allow for the user to search their management company for a user of lesser access level than them. Your management company will have control over the users on-site and leasing teams will be able to search for and this may vary.

The Find Users section is also where you may create a new user. There is an Add User button on the right hand side of the screen, click on the button and new window will appear in the foreground.

Simply, fill out the fields of the form to create the new user. {Each field is required.}

Now let's talk about access levels! At the tippy top is Administrator, the team here at Ellipse are the only ones that are able to create Administrator users. Administrators have editing ability of the entire Apartment Toolbox® (Corporate Dashboard and Property Dashboard) and are able to create new users below them (RPM, Manager or Agent).

Below Administrator is RPM (Regional Property Manager), this user is allowed access to more than one property on the Property Dashboard and does not have editing ability of the Corporate Dashboard. RPMs are able to create new users that are either Manager or Agent access type. Manager is below RPM and is only allowed access to one property in the Apartment Toolbox® on the Property Dashboard.

Manager users do not have editing ability of the Corporate Dashboard and are able to create only Agent users. Agent users are allowed access to only one property and also do not have editing ability of the Corporate Dashboard. Agents are not able to create other users.

The Administration section of the Corporate Dashboard is a great area to familiarize yourself with! You want to keep your Apartment Toolbox® safe and sound. A lot of work went into placing valuable content into your Apartment Toolbox® so let's make sure it's taken care of and in good hands.

Happy Tuesday!

by Haven Brown and Joe Foster

This is probably by far my favorite new edition to the Apartment Toolbox®! Share important documents internally as a safe 'hub' so to speak. So, listen up 'cause this is a section you won't want to miss out on!

We've added a new a feature to the Apartment Toolbox® for version 5 that I think everyone will be happy to have available, File Sharing! This is an area where you may drop in files that other users may access and view. It's a common area, that way the files are accessible from logging into the Apartment Toolbox® no matter if you are at home, at work, on the road, where ever!

There is a file sharing feature on both the Property Dashboard and on the Corporate Dashboard. Both File Sharing areas function the same, however the File Sharing on the Property Dashboard is specific to only that property's Apartment Toolbox® and the File Sharing on the Corporate Dashboard, anyone from the management company (properties included) have access to it. This way, if there is a document that your management company only wants your property to have they may drop it into only that property's File Sharing or if there is a document, say, a Property Manager wants to make sure the leasing staff has access to, then they are able to find it there without sharing it with multiple properties. File Sharing on the Corporate Dashboard allows for only the corporate staff of the management company to add in files that everyone under that management company may have access to, corporate or the on-site staff.

To add a document to File Sharing select the Add New Document button at the top right, then an editing window will appear.

Here you will title, categorize and include a description for the document. The uploader at the bottom of the window is where you will go to browse your computer to retrieve the file you wish to upload. Simply, select Save File when you are done!

If you fail to upload a document to your entry, the entry in the File Sharing section of the Apartment Toolbox® will appear red to indicate this at a glance. The far icon to the right is the view icon, just click on this icon to open the document that has been uploaded here.

What's really cool about File Sharing on the Corporate Dashboard is that corporate staff using this and loading documents are able to create new sections here as well, this goes far beyond just categorizing documents. If you create new sections, Form Center is considered to be like the “home base” of File Sharing, it's the screen the Apartment Toolbox® will default to, but you may now name new tabs in this area, giving you, the user, the power to essentially customize your Apartment Toolbox®.

To add a new section to File Sharing on the Corporate Dashboard, all you need to do is select Add Section across the top of the screen. A new window will appear where you will be able to name this new section.

Once you select Save Section that new section will appear in your left hand navigation under File Sharing.

Edit Section and Delete Section across the top of the screen do exactly what they sound like. If you would like to rename a section your created all you need to do is select Edit Section and if you would like to delete one, click on Delete Section accordingly.

I think the File Sharing feature is a wonderful new tool in the Apartment Toolbox®. I hope you guys feel the same way and are able to utilize this area to cut down on emails, printing forms and are really able to optimize sharing and communication within your company. Now go check out File Sharing in V5!


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