From Training To IT, Ellipse Has You Covered

You have implemented Ellipse's industry-leading SAAS applications for your company; now take it to the next level. Whether you are looking to make the most out of your investment of Ellipse products, trying to plot your next technology purchase or marketing decision, we offer services to help you do it right.


Personalized, Hands-On Training for Your Team

Get the Most Out of Your Products

Maximize your investment in your Ellipse solutions; make sure that your associates are fully trained on the "how to" and "what for" of your product purchases. An engaged, trained team makes the difference between corporate success and mediocrity

With each new application subscription, your team receives complimentary training on deployment and whenever you need a refresher. Our trainers contact you to set up your initial training session. When you hold the training is up to you; the schedule is completely flexible. How you get trained is also up to you; want to do it virtually by computer and over the phone? No problem, we'll set up a GoToMeeting session, call you and do it together. Feel like you'll get the most from an in-person session? We can do that too! And when you add new members to your team, let us know and we'll help get them up to speed, too. And the best part, retraining is free!

Make sure your employees know what it takes to get the most out of your Ellipse products, schedule training today.


Identifying and Delivering Personalized Solutions for the Multifamily Industry

Let Our Experience Work for You

Technology changes so fast that by the time you get the latest and greatest gadget it's already obsolete. The fast pace of technological innovation sometimes makes it hard to separate the here-today-gone-tomorrows from the applications that are built-to-last.

Don't let fear inhibit your online decision making when our team of technologists can facilitate those processes. Our IT professionals are constantly sifting through the mountain of technology news and information to stay on top of industry trends and innovations, all, while remaining focused on multifamily. When you need an evaluation of your business processes, existing IT structure or interoffice networks; our management group will provide you with intelligent, informative and easy to understand consulting advice, complimentary, as a subscribing client of Ellipse services.

Get the current state of your technology, network or business processes evaluated. Contact us today and our consultants will help you climb that technology mountain.


Reinvigorate Your Property's Online Presence

Engage Your Residents and Prospects

What's the best way to promote your property? How can you get the most out of Relate 24/7SM? Let Ellipse communications help you navigate through marketing in the 21st century. As the largest developer of multifamily websites in the industry (4000 and counting) we understand how marketing works. From logos and floor plans to websites and email, Ellipse has the expertise to help you be successful.

You have marketing questions, we have answers. Contact our marketing professionals today.

Network Infrastructure

Our Strong Technology Backbone

Reliable Connections, Secure Data

Offering software as a service means that you have to have the right technology to power your customers and your company forward. At Ellipse, we have the technology in place to offer our clients a wide variety of services and keep powering our company forward.

  • Web servers – we are equipped with both physical and virtual web servers to meet any client needs. We offer both dedicated and shared hosting.
  • Email servers – we have load balanced email servers with state of the art spam filtering.
  • Backup systems – we protect your assets in case of unforeseen disaster. We do daily full back ups of every environment – a full backup lets us recover everything quickly since all your information is on one disk, not spread out over multiple media. We have power redundancy in case of an outage and we have dual redundant ISPs to maximize uptime.
  • Communications –with 40MB of bandwidth traffic moves fast. We protect the network with our firewall which supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Value added services - we offer Urchin reporting, dedicated FTP, and SSL certificates.

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