Relate 24/7SM

Stop Dropping Prospects Right Before They Lease

Relate 24/7SM automatically follows up with prospects, helps retain residents, and is an email marketing machine. Generate personalized, outbound emails and texts to anyone with whom you'd like to stay in contact. This automated system keeps you in touch without taking time away from the leasing team. It's a great way to make certain you remain in contact and top-of-mind for prospects and residents.

Relate 24/7SM with text messaging lets you communicate with your on-the-go residents and prospects... instantly. Send text messages to a single resident or blast a text message to your entire community. Relate 24/7SM with text messaging is a two-way messaging system; your residents and prospects can reply to your text so you can engage with them immediately. As an online application, no cell phone is required to send or receive text messages through Relate 24/7SM; you can do it all from your desktop PC or laptop.

Relate 24/7SM empowers you to build a scheduled email program customized for your community, addressed individually to your consumer. Stay in consistent contact with your residents through every step...


  • Implement the full-communication functionality of Ellipse SymphonySM suite
  • Deliver automated contact with past, present and future residents
  • Integrate with your property management software via EllipseNetSM in one step
  • On-demand messaging for individual and property-wide communications
  • Track viewed messages with built-in reporting tools
  • Instant communication with optional text messaging
  • Two-way text messaging communication with full tracking and reporting


  • Promotes better communication between onsite staff and residents, as well as prospects
  • A low-cost, environmentally-friendly alternative to flyers
  • Know with certainty that prospects and current and renewing residents are getting your message
  • Frees up your leasing team to focus on operations
  • Paper door hangers are replaced with an instant message
  • Easily develop a customer database
  • Resident & Prospect Opt-In/Opt-Out Management
  • Optional text messaging expands Relate 24/7SM functionality and message reach
  • With text messaging, send alert messages straight to residents' phones during emergency situations

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