Ellipse UniversitySM

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Ellipse UniversitySM is a fully-customizable learning management and education tracking system created for the multifamily industry. It's easily accessible through Apartment Toolbox® and offers self-managed, dynamic class listings, certification records and employee report card tracking. Integration with EllipseNetSM means seamless integration with Grace Hill classes, access to local apartment association training, employee tracking and proprietary testing tools.

Ellipse works with your company to develop a Learning Management System that provides the means to growth and improvement for your associates according to your company's specific culture and processes. It formulates your company policies and protocols into a clearly-marked career path for employees. The logistics of registration and employee data management is easy, thanks to our payroll management system with Grace Hill Training. There's also a convenient management tool that assures employee record privacy, and tracks required classes and compliance.


  • Access the online education management platform of Ellipse SymphonySM suite
  • Seamlessly integrate with Grace Hill, other educators and local association curricula
  • Customize class schedules with online convenience
  • Track and recognize employee accomplishments
  • Award employee development and issue appropriate certifications


  • Streamline tracking of individual employee's educational development
  • Provide simple learning tools in a flexible, online environment
  • Promote a sense of accomplishment through achievement and employee recognition
  • Self-administration and an online forum saves time and money on expensive printed, training materials

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