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Imagine your leasing consultant offering to chat with a prospect checking out a floor plan on your Website, in real-time. "Is there something in particular you are looking for?" she might type.

The Click to Chat system removes all delays from online prospect and resident communications by allowing a "pushed" chat request from your leasing team. This unique feature increases the number of qualified leads resulting in higher lease conversions.

Ellipse's Click to Chat is great for instant consumer communications, and quick online, text-based messaging. The application's console also provides in-depth analysis of your Website traffic. Best of all, the leasing team can actually watch online consumers in the act of surfing your site, allowing for fact-based decision-making on content management.


  • Includes the instant messenger system of Ellipse SymphonySM
  • Active-agent management or passive-link access on every Website page
  • Easy-to-use interface provides analysis of live Website visitors and their activity
  • Auto-availability, controlled by you, ensures you never miss an opportunity to converse
  • Powerful, attention-grabbing, lease-closing tool
  • Message logging ensures no answer goes without a response


  • Know exactly what your visitors are viewing, providing incomparable marketing insight
  • Easily communicate with your Website visitors with "push" messaging
  • Real-time Internet communications equals increased resident communications
  • Give your communities the competitive, online edge
  • Deeper interaction means your prospects spend more time on your Website

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