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by Maggie Johnson

It's that time of year – April showers bring May flowers, along with the urge to tidy up after our winter hibernations. But while you're cleaning house, why not dust the cobwebs off of your web presence as well? Here are some easy ways to put a fresh face on your online marketing.

Has your Facebook Page been neglected over the long winter months? An easy way to check is by taking a look at your recent traffic. Does your page have any new and unusual “likes?” How frequent are your posts, and do they add value to your page overall? Are visitors posting comments to your wall? These are just a few things to audit when cleaning up your Facebook presence. Also keep in mind that the new Timeline layout is available for Pages as well as Profiles. Start adding those milestones!

If you have a Twitter account, take some time to revisit your most recent tweets. Infrequent posts can be easily remedied by setting your Facebook account to automatically update Twitter, or by using a broadcast service such as Hoot Suite. Also take the time to respond to comments from your followers, and to follow other users that pertain to your business.

Is your website looking dull and tired? Frequently updated content provides benefits for your visitors and increases your search engine optimization ratings. Review your current content for errors and outdated information, and make changes where necessary. If you maintain a blog, post away! Reinvigorate your readers with fresh content.

Once you've cleaned up your web presence – let people know! Tell your fans on Facebook that you've updated your content, tweet your Twitter followers and e-mail your Relate 24/7SM subscribers. You'll be amazed at the difference a little tidying up can make, and your prospects will be too!


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