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We use our phones and computers minute by minute, hour by hour, and it is the mediator between us and the person on the other end. It has become our means of communication and we cannot forget the relationship and skills we have had to learn because of it.

Emotion, body language, and context are all taken out of emails and text messages. Yet, this is how we do the majority of our communicating on a day to day basis. When the face to face aspect is taken out of the equation we have to use our words wisely and bring them to life on paper (so to speak).

As interpersonal communication is an exchange of information between two or more people, that leaves the door open for a lot of different ways to actually exchange that information. That would be a mediator, or a go-between.

Okay, so some of this seems elementary my dear Watson, but sometimes we have to go back to the basics. Less is more, is the term I like to use. Even when it comes to fashion (which is my hobby on the side) I love that saying. And just as my outfits do the talking, they send a message to everyone that I love fashion and I love to look put-togther and polished. In a way, it's my own special form of interpersonal communication .... and the clothes are the mediator. #realtalk #thatwasdeep

Yet, just as people take words out of context even when we are face to face, we have to be even more careful when using a mediator to communicate. I always have a co-worker read an important email before I send it, just so I can see if they understand my tone and my intentions. Be aware of what medium you are using, and if it is formal or non formal, and know your audience!

Wh are some ways you mediate communication? Social media sites, blogging, painting, exercise, or even sending a fax. Wait, what?

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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