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Let's take a look at 'A Day in the Life' of someone who is constantly using their interpersonal skills around the office with their co-workers and also with clients.

A perfect example comes to mind on someone who uses these skills for every part of their day. Our Client Services team here at Ellipse is constantly on the phone helping clients, answering emails helping clients, and talking to our programmers or project managers to help said clients. See the pattern here? They get to put their Interpersonal Communication knowledge to use. Just like we talked about last week, they use the Elements of Interpersonal Communication: the communicators, message, noise, feedback, context, and the channel. As they talk to clients all day long and help solve the world's problems, they have to take into account all of the above tactics.

Depending on how angry someone is, how urgent the issue is, or if the person on the other end of the phone/computer just quite understands what is going on. They have to understand just what is needed of our team in order to have a great end result for all parties involved. In some aspects, they are the voice of Ellipse. Some clients might never talk to anyone else at the company, so they have to be helpful, kind, courteous, and quick!

Just today, someone called in about a ticket they submitted yesterday. (Tickets are a way for us to help track an issue, and keep in contact with the client) They wanted to know just why it wasn't completed and fixed yet, I mean come on, it's been a whole day! So one of our awesome Client Service reps check on the ticket number, walked over to our programmers and asked more details on the issue at hand. It turns out, it was going to take some time to correct the error, and Client Services just needed to inform the client. They call the client back and give them a more detailed breakdown of the timeline and how they will be in touch with them once they know more, but that the programmer is working on it, and it's next in line to get corrected.

See all those interpersonal skills at use? It's awesome! People talking face to face, over the phone, in an email, and getting a message across is just what each of us do on a daily basis! Communicators, message, noise, feedback, context and the channel!

The next time you are working along like a little busy bee, see how many interpersonal skills you are using within just a few minutes!

Want to learn some insight about your own interpersonal skills? Take this quick test I found to help, it only takes a few minutes.


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